Health Deptt issues advisory, asks people to avoid raw fruits

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Health Deptt issues advisory, asks people to avoid raw fruits

Mansoor Peer

Srinagar, May 23:

The health department Wednesday issued an advisory asking people to desist from taking raw fruits.
The department said there were no chances of Nipah virus in Kashmir but people needed to take precautions.
The health department issued the advisory in the aftermath of Nipah virus epidemic in south Indian state of Kerela that claimed 11 lives so far including a nurse.
“The symptoms of the virus include fever, headache, vomiting, and fainting. Some may show symptoms of epilepsy. The symptoms may last for 10-12 days and then the infected may fall unconscious. Death may happen as brain fever develops at the final stage,” the advisory issued reads.
State Surveillance Officer Disease Control, ManzoorQadri said there were no fruits bats or pigs in Kashmir but people need to take precautions.
“There is no need to panic but people should desist from taking raw fruits while there is no issue with taking other fruits and they should frequent wash hands,” he said.
The virus spreads through bats to animals through bites, and from animals to other animals through fluids.
It also spreads from bats to animals (if one takes fruits bitten by bats), and from animals to humans through body fluids and from humans to humans through body fluids.
However, Qadri said they had not received any guidelines from the National Centre for Disease Control to diagnose people at the airports or railway stations.
“Kashmir has no history of the virus,” he said.
An epidemiologist in health department said: “Do not eat fruits bitten by birds and animals, and wash hands properly after contacting infected people, wear masks and gloves while tending to patients, and don’t drink toddy collected from areas where bats are found in large numbers.”
The health department has asked the medical officers to know about the virus and take it forward to the public since it was new to Kashmir.


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