Hassle-free construction

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Hassle-free construction

Divisional Commissioner Kashmir Baseer Ahmad Khan on Tuesday devised a traffic diversion plan so that work on a section of the flyover is carried out in a hassle-free manner. Khan directed Srinagar Municipal Corporation officers to remove the vendors from Hari Singh Street to LD crossing. He also directed traffic police to ensure that vehicles are not parked in the mentioned area. It is commendable to streamline and regulate the traffic in the city, particularly in areas where construction works are underway. Not only this, the risk factors increase at such sites and it becomes necessary to have safety measures in place. Construction sites are also accident prone due to the presence of different materials in their vicinities. In winter months traffic problems in the city ease up a little as schools and Secretariat are closed in Kashmir. Despite that snarl-ups do occur, especially in adverse weather conditions. The second good thing that has come from the directions is that vendors will also be prevented from obstructing the movement on roads. In fact the government needs a long term plan to deal with the vendors who at times can be seen occupying half of the streets. For instance, at the site where grade separator is under construction near Abdullah Bridge, on Sundays some of the vendors squeeze the road space that is already been reduced in its width. It does not affect traffic that much as the movement is mild on Sundays. On any other day, it will choke the entire stretch. As such removal of vendors near the sites of construction will decongest the roads. The third takeaway from yesterday’s direction is regarding parking in the area. Over the years vehicles in the city have outgrown (in number) the space where they can be parked. On busy sections and routes the parking lots are almost full while as at other places there is no parking facility or if there is it is located far off. On roads where there is no congestion it does not matter, but on busy and congested routes parking is a great problem. People often resort to wrong or illegal parking, and mostly when there is no one around to stop them. Cops must be deployed in such areas, which at times happen to be near construction sites. The directions will bring some relief, only if they are followed in letter and spirit.                       


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