Gridlock on Hyderpora-Humhama road as air traffic resumes

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Gridlock on Hyderpora-Humhama road as air traffic resumes

Irfan Yattoo

Srinagar, Feb 09:

After the resumption of air traffic on Saturday, heavy traffic jam was witnessed on the three-kilometer Hyderpora-Humhama airport stretch causing.
Long queues of vehicles were seen stranded for hours on the road. They said despite strike and restrictions in parts of the city, the traffic movement on the airport road was completely halted.
Some commuters alleged that traffic cops were allowing only VIP vehicles on the wrong side, leaving the others fuddled.
Muhammad Farooq, a local said that due to slippery road, heavy traffic was witnessed in the area.
"Authorities have failed to clear snow and vehicles are unable to move forward," he alleged. There is no proper place for the pedestrians to walk especially in slippery snow conditions,” he said.
Amir Ali, a cab driver at Hyderpora said he had to drop his brother at the airport whose flight is scheduled to New Dehli at 12.30 pm and they had paid Rupees 13500-14000 as it was an emergency.
“It is for the first time that there is traffic jam on this road and that too on a strike day,” he said adding that it is the only way to go out from the state as the highway is blocked for the last more than a week now.
A senior official at Traffic Police Headquarters told The Rising Kashmir that the unfavorable weather from last four days has forced people to travel by air.
“We had deployed our cops on the stretch but due to heavy rush of vehicles it became a hectic job for them,” the official said.
Responding to allegations over allowing vehicles of the VIPs, the official said two critical patients were also stranded and on humanitarian grounds we allowed them to travel on the wrong side because they could have missed the flight.
“Except those patients, nobody was allowed,” the official added.
Air traffic from Srinagar International Airport (SIA) resumed on Saturday after remaining suspended for two days due to poor visibility and snowfall.
According to an official at Srinagar International Airport additional flights were pressed into service to accommodate the passengers whose flights were cancelled during past few days of snowfall.
He said the main reason behind traffic jam on airport road heavy rush of people on the route. Hundreds of passengers were scheduled to leave today, which resulted in a massive traffic jam in the area, the official added.


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