Govt yet to appoint new Secretary Sports

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Govt yet to appoint new Secretary Sports

Syed Rukaya

Srinagar 10, July:

 Jammu and Kashmir State Sports Council, entrusted to foster and nurture sports besides and build sports infrastructure in the state, is headless after the resignation of former Secretary Sports, Waheed-Ur-Rehman Para following the collapse of the PDP-BJP coalition in the state.
Waheed-Ur-Rehman Para who is also the President of Youth Wing of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) resigned from the post of Secretary Sports Council Earlier on 22 June 2018 after Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) ended its alliance with the PDP on 19 June.
The Sports Council which not only regulates the activities of recognized state sports associations besides funding their operations also advises the government in sports related matters for encouragement and nurturing of sports in the state.
According to the officials at Council, many developmental works have been put on halt and the administrative department is also defunct.
“The government should take it on priority to appoint new face as Secretary at earliest,” the official said.
International footballer and In-Charge State Football Academy, Mehraj-Ud-Din Wadoo told Rising Kashmir that resignation of former Secretary has somehow affected the sportsperson and Council functioning.
“We are hopeful that the person having know-how of sports should be given charge of Secretary besides the person should be workaholic and helpful in fostering sports culture in the state,” he said.
Meanwhile, the members of the sports council are nominated by the government every four years. The Secretary, Joint Secretary and Treasurer are amongst nominated members and are selected for the posts for a period of four years.
The Sports Council which should be headed by a person having a sports expertise and background is ironically either headed by a bureaucrat or a politically appointed person.


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