Foundation stone

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Foundation stone

Dear Editor,

This is regarding the foundation stones laid by politicians and other high officials in the public domain. Whether it is construction of bridges or small roads, ministers are the first one grab the opportunity of laying the foundation stone. This has become a means of cheap free publicity or politicians who otherwise never show up to redress the problems of their people. The government spends public money on projects and it is not donated by ministers or government officials. All projects based in this way in which public money gets used should not highlight the name of the ministers, politicians or bureaucrats. It is people’s money, why should mantris and babus put their name on the foundation stone? In laying foundation stones politicians are interested only in their publicity and so that their name should remain there to benefit them later when people are wooed for votes. The foundation stones, because it is public money, should not have any name of minister or government official. Date is enough.

Saqib Nazir    


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