Former Finance Minister Drabu quits PDP

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‘I wish party contributes to resolution of long-impending political issue’

Former Finance Minister Drabu quits PDP

Yawar Hussain

Srinagar, Dec 06:

Former finance minister Haseeb Drabu Thursday resigned from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) becoming the third leader to resign since the Jammu and Kashmir assembly was dissolved last month.
“Even though I have not been a dissident — you are aware I had resigned from the cabinet, assembly and party nearly two years ago which you didn’t accept — I have disengaged from the party affairs for quite some time now,” Drabu wrote in a letter to the PDP President Mehbooba Mufti.
Drabu was the architect of PDP’s manifesto for 2014 Legislative Assembly polls and the Agenda of Alliance (AoA), the common minimum programme of the party with the rightwing Bharatiya Janata Party (NJP).
Earlier Drabu, who is considered to be close to Ram Madhav and RSS, had turned down the membership of the PDP’s political affairs committee of which he was appointed a member weeks after its initial member list was released.
“I didn’t precipitate the matter because I believe it is ethically and morally wrong to leave the party under whose aegis one has contested and won the seat in the legislative assembly. Now that it is over, I am hereby resigning from the JKPDP,” his letter reads.
The former finance minister said his journey in the party both as an MLA and a minister has had “its fair share of highs and lows, successes and failures, appreciation and condemnation, contentment and frustrations, and agreement and disagreements.”
“There are many things that I am thankful for, many more I am grateful for and yet much more that I am distressed about. A slice of full life in itself as it were,” he wrote in his letter.
Drabu said in his four-and-a-half years in PDP, he could not say he enjoyed every moment but the experience had been “enriching and enlightening association”.
He said as a minister he got a flavour of politics in all its “fascinating melange ranging from conviction, compulsion and compromise to principles, pledges, and perfidies.”
The former finance minister said under PDP founder, Mufti Sayeed he realised that politics was not the "last refuge of scoundrels”.
“I do want to remember Mufti sahib who sought me out and got me into politics,” Drabu said, adding that occasionally, people with intellectual integrity, personal honesty and moral courage could also be found in politics.
“I was exceptionally lucky to have worked with him (Mufti). I just hope that when history judges Mufti sahib and his decision to ally with the BJP, it does so in the context and with the complexity that it deserves,” the former finance minister’s letter reads.
He said he wishes PDP all the very best.
“May it (PDP) contribute to the resolution of the long impending political issue, help in bringing about social order, peace and prosperity in the state,” Drabu’s letter reads.
Asserting that he does not agree with the Governor’s decision of the dissolution of assembly, Drabu said, “My legislative engagement has prematurely come to an end with the dissolution of the State Assembly by the Governor.”
He said he does not agree with the timing and manner the assembly was dissolved.
“It doesn't credit either the democratic system or its custodian participants with any glory whatsoever,” Drabu’s letter reads.
Last month PDP was in the eye of the storm when its founder member and Lok Sabha member, Muzzafar Hussain Baig had hinted at resigning from the party and joining Sajad Lone’s Peoples Conference.
PDP has been facing internal rebellion after it lost power in the State in June this year.
So far, two law makers – Imran Raza Ansari and Abid Hussain Ansari - have resigned from the party while party leader Yasir Reshi has also openly rebelled against the party.
On Tuesday, PDP President Mehbooba Mufti had reached out to fuming Baig by dropping at his residence.
Even though the rapprochement has not yet yielded results, PDP leaders said that the ice had been broken.




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