Ex-CM failed to solve disappearance cases:APDP

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Victims console each others at protest, say new CM to face more challenges   

Ex-CM failed to solve disappearance cases:APDP

Marouf Gazi

The members of Association of Parents of Disappeared Persons (APDP) Sunday staged a monthly sit-in protest at Press colony here.
The relatives of disappeared persons today displayed the newly designed calendars wherein each leaf of the calendar displays the caricature of 12 disappeared persons. Twelve women displayed 12 leafs of the calendar displaying the sketches. Every leaf also carried brief description about the case of the respective person and name of the alleged perpetrator.
"The thinking that has gone into the making and design of these calendars is to keep the memory of our loved ones alive and documented,” said APDP official
The protest started at 11 am in the morning in press enclave.
All eyes were moistened when Kashmir Valley’s emerging artist Ali Saifudin sang a song "Wal Tchadwoon" (come, lets search) in remembrance of the disappeared persons. The song has been written by Peer Viqar-Ul-Islam, Composed by Ali Saiff u Din.
Other artists like MC Kash and Suhail were present at the event. The song turned the scene emotional as the victims wept while MC Kash was singing heart wrenching song in his unique style. Not only the victim families but the eyes of spectators and photojournalists turned wet and many young boys were scene with moist eyes.
The victims hugged each other to console each other as wailing chairperson was also consoling the whole group.
Chairperson APDP Parveena Ahangar said the new Chief Minister has a biggest challenge of disappeared persons while the former Chief Minister, Mufti Muhammad Sayeed, failed to solve their issue.
She demanded an independent commission to be constituted to investigate the disappearances in Kashmir. She said the issue is the biggest challenge to the chief minister and she/he should immediately constitute a commission for inquiry.
“When there is law for common people, why there is no law for security forces?” she questioned. “They don’t spare Militants even after death then why there are two yard sticks?”
Parveena said the State Human Rights Commission (SHRC), High court, Supreme Court and all other institutions of justice have failed to do justice with them.
She said they are living with the hope to see their loved ones back one day. “Hope sustains life, we are hopeful that our disappeared kin will be with us someday soon,” she added. She further said, “We want government to come clear on the disappearance issue.” “Where are our loved ones? Are they alive or dead, we want to know,” Parveena questioned.


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