EPG interacts with Bosnian ambassador

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The Environment Policy Group (EPG)-Governing Council members held an hour long meeting with the Ambassador of Bosnia And Herzegovina Sabit Subasic who is on a 3-day visit to Kashmir.
The delegation recalled the emotional bonding of the people of Kashmir with the people of Bosnia And Herzegovina during the worst period of their history.
The EPG discussed various issues relating to Global Warming, Paris Agreement, Conservation of natural resources, wild-life, water bodies, wetlands, preservation of environment, protection of ecology viz-a-viz the role of the international community, the local Governments, the civil soceity with special emphasis on the role of the organisations spearheading the campaign for a cleaner And greener tomorrow for future generations. EPG apprised the Ambassador about its activities, the challenges and the huge support it had received from the judiciary through some path-breaking orders which will go a long way in streamlining the conservation of countless bounties gifted to the State.
The Ambassador shared the achievements his small Country had made in a short time through the generation and export of hydroelectric power to European Union which was one of the most important sources of their GDP. He said that he found similarities between Bosnia and Kashmir by way of weather, landscape, water resources, mountains, horticulture produce, food processing, wood products etc. The tourism potential of both the regions was discussed.
The Ambassador suggested that there could be exchange of various groups representing different sectors to explore the potential. In the process both sides could learn from each other. The Ambassador offered to help Kashmir grow Aronia whereas EPG offered to provide expertise in Tulip Plantation in Bosnia.
EPG was represented by Nadeem Qadri ,Syed Nassarullah Shah, Javed Ahmad Shah, M M Shuja, Syed Abdul Rashid, Peerzada Fayaz Ahmad, Tauseef Ahmad Bhat nd Faiz Bakshi-Convenor



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