Dev projects

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Dev projects

Dear Editor,

This is regarding the news report “An Anantnag bridge unrepaired for 6 months; thousands affected” published in Rising Kashmir on October 4. This is the story you will hear from north end of Kashmir to south. There are many who complain that a bridge has not been repaired, while as there are thousands of people I know in north Kashmir who dream of having a small bridge connect their villages to nearby regions. We know crores of rupees are spent by government on development every year. But we don’t know how much of the actual money is spent on the construction of bridges and roads. If government sanctions one crore, more than half of the money that is 50 lakhs are taken by contractors and officials. Very little amount is finally spent on the projects and that is why we have poor roads, bridges and other infrastructure. If 100 percent of the money sanctioned by the government is spent on any project we are sure that it will not need any repairs for a long period of time. 

Khurshid Gani


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