Deteriorating Roads

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Deteriorating Roads

With the onset of winter road conditions in the state, especially in Kashmir valley, are deteriorating fast. Slow pace of different road projects and the government’s failure to repair dilapidated roads on timely basis often cause huge inconvenience to people. After Darbar Move, people in the valley had anticipated smooth traffic movement due to less vehicles plying on the roads. But due the bad road conditions, the traffic chaos on most of the roads in Srinagar has not only prevailed but also exacerbated. Many roads in and around Srinagar are choked in the morning and evening hours with vehicles also getting stranded at busy intersections. At times even traffic police personnel look helpless while managing the traffic, which seems to be coming from everywhere. Before it starts pouring in valley, the government should take measures to repair and fill the potholes on important roads that connect Srinagar with towns and districts. Government should do all that is in its capacity to make the people’s movement easy and smooth on roads in the winter months. There is a need for government to be a step ahead and not wait for the snowfall, which might make it difficult for people to even drive their vehicles on roads.  Government may also consider building temporary bridges and divert traffic to alternative roads to avoid the gridlocks at places where constructions are taking place. Besides carrying out repair work on roads immediately, government should also consider regulating the movement of heavy vehicles on important routes in daytime. Valley has witnessed many traffic accidents in recent months. Many people especially those riding two wheelers have been killed in these accidents. A youth lost his life after his scooty was hit by a public transport vehicle on Monday in Handwara while the pillion rider is struggling for his life in SKIMS. Well maintained roads and timely filling up of the potholes would help in minimizing the loss of life on the roads.  Besides, the traffic police can also help in maintaining order and save people from inconveniences by adopting new and innovative methods of traffic control.   The human life is paramount and government must make sure that no life is lost in valley due to bad roads and poor traffic regulation. Government may also act in advance to keep its men and machinery ready to clear roads of snow in coming days. 


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