Detaining Kashmiri students outside JK a ‘money-minting’ technique: Civil Society

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Srinagar, Oct 11:

 Civil Society North Kashmir Thursday alleged that arrests of Kashmiri students studying in colleges outside J&K is a ‘ploy’ of Government of India to mint money from their families. The civil society urged the state administration to inquire the matter and ensure each and every student studying outside the state is safe.
Civil Society North Kashmir took to streets to protest against the detaining of Kashmiri students from various colleges of India. The protesting members said this is the high time for the state administration to intervene and set things right.
Three Kashmiri students were arrested on Wednesday from the hostel of CT Institute of Engineering, Management and Technology on the outskirts of Jalandhar.
The members said they are protesting against the harassment Kashmiri students are facing in different states of India.
Tanveer Fatima, President Civil Society North Kashmir said, “I wonder what would be the psychological state of Kashmiri students who are studying outside the state. Surely, they would be living in tremendous fear and the thing is natural because they are living in a tense atmosphere where our kids are labelled as terrorists.”
Fatima said despite knowing the fact that no militant has ever crossed the Jawahar Tunnel, what is the need of harassing the kids. “Government of India has turned it into a money-making industry where our youth gets detained and money is being drawn from their families,” she said.
Fatima asserted that innocent Kashmiris are getting detained and slapped under PSA without any trial for two years and ‘Indian police get a chance of drawing money from the families of detained youth.’
“I request the Indian and Pakistan government to resolve this dispute and set Kashmiris free as we people are getting harassed to a large extent as a result of this dispute. The police, army men, officials, judges, separatists and every person at the helm of affairs is looking for his own benefit out of this dispute,” she said.
Empathizing with the families of students who were detained, she said, “My heart goes out for them, and I feel the pain and can completely understand what they are going through. My brother was detained one and a half years ago, he left his family and we have witnessed the same pain.”
Appealing the State and Central government she added that the detained students should be handed over to the State police within two or three days.
Accusing the GoI for having the history of “harassing” the students throughout the country, she said, “Punjab police has the reputation of being the most corrupt police in India and they are always in need of some reason to harass Kashmiri people.”
Taking a dig at the State government for labelling ‘unidentified gunmen’ in every killing, she said no one in the valley has been able to identify the persons who kill innocents and they run away with the unidentified gunmen tag.


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