Despite incentives, Kashmir fails to exportproducts

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Sabreen Ashraf

Srinagar, Feb 09:

Despite incentives and schemes for various economic sectors, the state industrial units have failed to produce export items.
Director Industries and Commerce (DIC), Bilal Ahmad said only handicrafts, horticulture and sericulture products are exported to other states of India.
“Most of the products produce in Kashmir are consumed locally,” he said.
State Industrial Development Corporation (SIDCO) and Small Scale Industries Development Corporation Limited are looking after 44 Industrial Estates.
President of Federation Chamber of Industries Kashmir (FCIK), Ashraf Mir said that more than 3000 items are produced in Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector of Jammu and Kashmir which are mostly for local use.

He said horticulture has been the main thrust sector, which needed to be promoted.
“Mostly food processing products are exported within and outside the country,” he said.

Mir said despite incentives, businessmen are not capable of exporting the products to other states or countries.

Mir said that some of the units are exporting some spices.

He said there are only 14 Industrial estates in the valley and due to the shortage of land no major production takes place.
“We have very few estates as compared to other states.”

The major estates are Lasipora, Khonmoh and Zainakot.
President Industrial Estate Khonmoh, Zubair Ahmad Bhat said implementation of GST has dented their business.

He said due to the frequent power outages mostly in winter, they suffer huge losses.

“Cements products, taps, furniture, electric wires, pipes, honey, food processing unit, mustered oil, mineral water, cement block, fabrication are the products which are manufactured in the estate,” he added.

Bhat said that there are 607 units in the Khonmoh estate in which 367 are working.
“Other units are sick and some are non-functional.”
He said that most of the entrepreneurs are young and they are working so hard to make this estate successful.
Bhat said no product manufactured their industrial is exported outside the State.

“Now we trying to start exporting products through e-commerce as this is the essential step for increasing the business in the valley,” he further added.



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