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Syed Maajid Rashid Andrabi

The rape and murder of an eight-years-old girl in Kathua, has shocked one and all.

Someone has rightly said: “How can anyone be so cruel and brutal to a blooming flower like Asifa, takes everyone aback and forces one to ponder at the present condition of our societies.”

Just like Nirbhaya, this act too, has received strong condemnation from all corners throughout the world, with the demand for justice getting bolder day by day. The relentless efforts have made the whole nation to join hands for registering their protest against the culprits and be with the victim’s family in this time of grief, irrespective of any form of difference.

This incident has once again reiterated the demand for standing in support of humanity first, which is why there has been a massive outcry for fair dealing. There is much anger and disgust among the people for they don’t have any words which could express their resentment and grief against this inhuman and reprehensible act.

The gruesome murder and revelations point to the lowest standards our societies have been driven into, by some of the people. The disclosure of the events of this crime makes every one’s eyes numb and has sent shudders down the spine as to how can anyone’s conscience stoop so low!!!

How on earth can anyone treat someone with such brutality who even isn’t in a position to understand the basic differences that often put apart humans from each other!

Well, she has become a victim, for some elements of the society didn’t liked the presence of the nomadic tribes in their vicinity, which prompted them to conspire and indulge in this dreadful crime.

This incident is a slur on humanity and needs to be handled accordingly so, as to restore the faith of people in the judiciary, which otherwise has become questionable.

Though the State of Jammu Kashmir was less known for such inhuman incidents, but there has been a rise in the number of rape cases from 275 in 2016 to 300 in 2017.

Astonishingly, more than 100 rapes on an average were recorded every day in 2016 in India which in itself is quite disturbing and worrisome.

This very inhuman and detestable incident holds dual significance, for it brings a grim picture of our societies into fore which unfortunately have become breeding grounds for all the immoral and social crimes owing to the ineffective education and the travesty of justice.

This incident has once again brought to limelight the need to have stringent laws which are good enough to deal with such cases while providing swift justice to the victims and book the perpetuators irrespective of their caste, color, creed and whatever stature they might be enjoying. The law has to be same for all without any exceptions.

Furthermore, the need of fast track courts which can preside over these types of cases becomes very crucial in order to provide quick justice, as justice delayed is justice denied!

The state government needs to take a serious note of this, as the incidents of this type would dent its image while rendering a serious blow to the safety standards for women that are being adopted.

Exemplary punishment needs to be awarded to the culprits which would desist others from even thinking of such gory act, not to talk of perpetuating it. It is the time to unite and raise our collective voices against this atrocious crime so, that the justice gets delivered to the victim’s family. The whole nation will be ashamed if Kathua victim doesn’t get justice.

There are still some black sheep under the garb of human skin, who are bringing disgrace to the societies, which needs to be contained at any cost, by either bringing an amendment in the existing laws or creating new ones.

The “BetiBachao, BetiPadhao” initiative would lose its relevance if Kathua victim doesn’t get justice, as, if it is going to be the fate of this gender, then only heavens would know what the future would unfold.

On one side we are talking of gender equality and on the other side we are hesitating to provide speedy resolution to the crimes done against them, isn’t it good enough to make a mockery of justice?

What is also important is that the people need to inculcate the essence of moral values in their children, so that they grow up keeping in mind, what is morally right and what not?

Since, we live in a society and we have certain moral obligations towards it, our aim should be to instil a sense of moral enlighten among all, so, that we can collectively contribute in building a lovely place where all can live peacefully.

We all need to fight against this heinous crime as it is against all of us and no one wishes it to happen with any of his/her acquaintances.

It is our duty to provide a safe atmosphere to women, so, that they don’t feel suffocated by the fear of being another victim of this horrible crime.




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