Delhi must take moral responsibility of killings in JK, says Rasheed

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‘Vested interests in India want to keep game of death alive in state’

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Cautioning New Delhi not to use killings of local Kashmiri army men killed in Sunjuwan attack, for political gains, AIP chief and MLA Langate Er Rasheed Wednesday said New Delhi must take the moral responsibility of all these killings for the reason that “a section with vested interests there wants to keep game of death and destruction alive in the state”.
Addressing two gatherings in the native villages of Habib Ullah Qureishi and Mohammad Ashraf at Haihama and Maidanpora Lolab respectively, Er Rasheed “rejected the propaganda being carried out by a section of national media while trying to give the notion that participation in the funerals of soldiers reflects a change in mindset of Kashmiris”. Rasheed said, ''Kashmiris never supported violence and it was always thrust upon them and they were very often pushed to a position where some took to violence as a means to make their voice on Kashmiri issue heard.”
“Whosoever gets killed, Kashmiris as human beings and Muslims feel the pain. It is again the Indian National Media which has been shameful in projecting the killings of local Kashmiri army men in a way that would create confusions within Kashmiri society and give the incident a communal color,” he said, adding: “Even if the soldiers would have been non-Kashmiris the inner feelings of majority of Kashmiris would have been almost the same.”
“It is the real spirit of Kashmiriyat and the religious obligations to offer and participate in the last rites of the soldiers unlike the practice of security agencies that have been so brutal that they bury the dead bodies of slain militants at unknown places even without offering their last rites properly”, Rashees said, adding: “As such interpreting participation of locals in the funerals of soldiers is the worst kind of stupidity.”
Rasheed speaking to the gatherings in presence of the family members of the deceased soldiers “took a pledge from the masses that they will continue their struggle for Right to Self Determination through peaceful means”.
He also asked electronic media not to forget that in the native village of slain soldier Habib Ullah Qureishi, “around two hundred fifty families have been forced to migrate by the security forces in 1990s and nobody speaks a word over their sufferings”.
Rasheed “ridiculed” those wrapping the dead bodies in “tri-colors and other flags” saying that “such acts don't give relief to the families of victims as without resolving Kashmir issue the dirty game of death and destruction will never come to an end”.


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