Deferment of by-election for AnantnagParl Constituency blot on PDP’s face: Cong

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 Lashing out at PDP for “tactfully ensuring deferment” of by-electionforAnantnag Parliamentary Constituency under the garb of “deteriorating situation” in South Kashmir, J&K Pradesh Congress Committee(JKPCC)Saturdaysaid Chief Minister of the Statewas evading a defeat in the elections.

JKPCC said:“PDP, which is fully responsible for deteriorating situation has lost ground miserably, as a result, the polls were deferred in connivance with the Centre Government to save the dented image on the part of PDP.”
Commenting on the decision of holding elections in 2019, JKPCC party spokesperson hit out at PDP “for tactfully evading defeat, saying that deferment of by-elections to Anantnag has exposed tall claims of Chief Minister about her government’s performance, indicating that this party has lost the ground miserably, and is not in a position to face the electorates”.

“The decision of holding by-elections in 2019 shows the double standards and indifferent attitude of the Centre Government about the wellbeing of the people, who continue to remain unrepresented in the LokSabha,” he said.
He described the decision as very “callous, undemocratic and as a ploy to undermine the authority of democratic institutions in the State in order to benefit the ruling party in the State”.
He said:“Centre and State Government are doing experiments to get benefitted, but I want to tell both State and Centre Government that people have lost faith in democratic process under the present regime, and were feeling isolated due to the callous attitude of both State and Centre. The day is not far, when both PDP and BJP will vanish completely from the State.”

He said:“How long New Delhi would keep PDP alive on oxygen, the fact of the matter is that, this party(PDP) is no more relevant in Kashmir valley, besides BJP has also lost the ground in Jammu miserably, as both the parties have crossed all limits of betrayal and suppression.”

JKPCC spokesperson lambasted New Delhi“for supporting every wrong initiative of the State government”, saying“Centre is equally responsible for the crisis in Kashmir, resulting in deep alienation among the people in all the three regions of the State”.


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