Curse of Unemployment

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Curse of Unemployment

A non-profit research organization, PRS Legislative Research, in its analysis on unemployment published in January 2017 observed that the unemployment rate in J&K is much higher than the national rate. The report declared that in J&K in the age group 15-17 years the unemployment rate was 57.7 percent where as in the same age group the national rate was 19.8 percent. Also, in the age group of 18-29 years, the rate of unemployment in J&K was put as 24.6 percent whereas for the same age group the national rate was 13.2 percent. The two age groups together represent the youth, and from the figures it is evident as where they are heading. In the second age group, 18-29 years, are the educated and highly educated who are through their college and even university education. Both the figures are horrible. At the fag end of teenage, less than half are able to find an employment meaning in every two only one gets a job where as at national level four out of five persons get a job. It also means a dearth of jobs for the young who may not even have been to high school.  With the larger need in the lower qualification bracket, has the state tried to fix its policies or are they even aware of it? Considering the age group of 18-29, the standard age to graduate is near 21 years. In higher education bracket and in fields where specialization is offered, by the time a person reaches 26 years the education is over. If a person drops out during this time chances of finding an employment are three in four. Obviously, the issue cannot be discussed with a non government organization as it would be futile. The government is solely responsible for the misfortune. Normally, unemployment is not taken up by government as a concern that needs immediate plans, but it waits till budget time when there is real opportunity to hit it hard. But the way state budgets have unfolded there is no bloom just decaying of the state’s precious asset the human resource. Take the example of vocational training, Industrial Training Institutes and polytechnics. Had they been successful the lower age group unemployment won’t have been anywhere near 50 percent. If there are no jobs for lower qualifications, skilled, semi skilled and non-skilled human resource does not make any difference. One of the strongest motives to pursue higher education is to find a suitable employment often in a specialty field. The fact is we hear mostly about educated people bearing the brunt of unemployment and pay lesser attention to those who are lesser qualified (in terms of education). But employment is a universal right and an uneducated person has as much right to have an employment as an educated one. The tone of “so many graduates” unemployed must change because we also have a huge number of undergraduates without a job. Perhaps the number of graduates and post graduates will significantly drop if undergraduates are able to find suitable jobs. But the disappointing wait till budget time makes no sense.       


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