Corruption and education

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Ahmad Saadat

“Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely,” Lord Acton. Corruption in the field of education is posing a huge threat to Indian education system. Not only in India, but the whole world is under the snare of this corruption.

India, the largest democracy in the world possesses such a corrupt system of education. This is really shameful. Not only this, corruption has strengthened its roots in the field of education, but in all other fields.

Moreover, corruption has become a widespread phenomenon in higher education institutions in countries.

As per the recent records, 54 percent of India's population has paid a bribe when accessing public service and Institutions, 38 percent of land and property deals in India involves bribes, 62percent of the law enforcement officers take bribes, 60percent of people who got the driving licence from an agent haven't taken the driving exam yet and 31percent of members of parliament have criminal cases against them.

From these records it is crystal clear that corruption is spread in India like an epidemic. It is truly said that giving bribe and taking bribe is one and the same thing. Just for a while think and focus on the creation of man.

For what purpose he was sent to this world? For sure the aim to send man to this world won't be to increase the problems for one another.

Just think what are we doing before taking a single penny from any person as bribe. Just think that how many dreams are we breaking. Evidences say that many students lost their life due to the greed for money of a single person.

Many mothers lost their children due to the cruelness of a single person and many students withdrew their studies due to the mistake of one single person.

Deceiving a person is a huge sin and won't be pardoned.Islam has many evidences that one who destroys the future of a student will be destroyed the same way.

Due to this greed of money the students who deserve something are deprived of that. Their dreams are bought by wealthy people God knows that how many dreams our officers have broken by their hands.

We come across many situations where the school or college authorities demand a huge sum of money for admission. No matter if a poor student deserves the admission but that seat is bought by a wealthy student just by the power of his money and thus snatching his right.

Government is providing the Right to Elementary Education from 6 to 14 years under Article 21 (A) of Indian Constitution, but are they ensuring that is this elementary education been facilitated to the students.

I think this right of a poor students is being violated publicly but the poor does not know how to act against it. The urge and desire for money has made many people blind to such an extent that they cannot differentiate between good and bad.

We are responsible for this hazard. If we will offer bribe to a person then only he will accept it. Truly speaking, that if we want a bright, happy and prosperous future we would have to stop all this. If we want to bring a change in society then we have to change ourselves.

First we should purify our souls and then try to purify others. What is the mistake of a poor student if he has got talent but fails to afford the donation.

We must bring this evil to an end. If 20 percent of population today is involved in this crime than in years to come this percentage could increase rapidly.

Now the time has reached to stop all this, now the time has come to punish all those persons who are involved in this scandal and the time has come to save the future of poor students. Most importantly the time has come to be a change and bring a change.

Corruption is like a mosquito it sucks the blood of common man but remember it, mosquitoes don’t survive for longer period.




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