Congress flays Govt for ‘not doing enough’ to safeguard Article 370, 35A; stage protest

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If enemies succeed in their plans, we will be annihilated: Saroori

Congress flays Govt for ‘not doing enough’ to safeguard Article 370, 35A; stage protest

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Scores of members of JKPCC staged a protest in at Gali Bhatoli in tehsil Chilli-Pingal area of Bhalessa against government for “not doing enough” to safeguard the Article 370 and Article 35 (A).
As per reports, the protest was led by senior Congress leader GM Saroori while as other senior leaders including Ghulam Mustafa Azad, Musarat Hussain Naik, Ali Mohd, Mohd Abaas, Zakir Hussain, Mohd Yunus, and all other local party leaders participated in the protest.
Addressing the protestors later on, Saroori said that any tinkering with Article 370 or 35-A could dissolve the right of state subject clause “which otherwise was protecting the distinct identity of the state”.
“BJP wants to do away with the provisions that accord special power to the Jammu and Kashmir Assembly for framing laws which are beneficial for the general public of the state,” he said.

“BJP leaders, who are hell bent to remove these important laws, should first learn about the importance of Article 35A and the fallouts of its scrapping,” he added.

He said that this was a question of existence of people of Jammu and Kashmir. “If the enemy succeeds in its plans, we will be annihilated. The government isn’t doing enough to safeguard these special laws,” Saroori told the gathering.

All the speakers including Sarori, Ghulam Mustafa Azad and others, accused the PDP-BJP coalition government in Jammu and Kashmir of having failed to address the problems of the people especially of basic the PDP-BJP are responsible for persecution of Gujjars and Bakerwals in Jammu.
“Since they (BJP-PDP) joined hands, the miseries of the people of Jammu and Kashmir have increased manifolds. While the BJP cheated people of Jammu, the people of Kashmir were cheated by the PDP,” they alleged.
They alleged that all the promises made to the people prior to the Assembly elections of 2014 remained unfulfilled. “Nearly three years has passed but they have failed to fulfil any of the promises.”

It should be noted that the Congress leaders had assembled to celebrate annual function day of Madrasa-Ul-Uloom.
Eminent Muslim scholars,management of the Madrasa, thousands of people and other dignitaries were also present in the function.
Earlier, while addressing the gathering, Alhaj Peer Miyan Maqbool sahab (Baji sahab) enlightened the beauty of Islam and also explained about the dress code that the Islam has permitted for us.
He urged every Muslim to bring the lifestyle of prophet Muhammad (SAW) in their life to achieve success in the world and hereafter.
He stressed every Muslim to follow the footsteps of prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He said Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has shown us the way for the success in this world and hereafter. He also said that democracy or martial law will not solve our problem. “ Our struggle should be for Khilafah and establishing the system of Islam.”
Saroori, during his speech at the function, alleged that attempts are being made to “interfere” in Shariat laws through courts due to the pressure of communal parties.
He claimed that the Muslim population was feeling insecure. Saroori said that an attempt was being made to demonize the Muslim community.


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