Conflict resolution and dialogue

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Conflict resolution and dialogue

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s latest locution that ‘dialogue is the only way to resolve conflicts’ comes as a welcome surprise in the atmosphere eclipsed by military might and war euphoria that is mostly promoted and propagated by irresponsible media. The optimistic PM said “As the inter-connected and inter-dependent world of 21st century battles a number of global challenges, from terrorism to climate change, I am confident that the solutions will be found through Asia’s oldest traditions of dialogue and debate.” In the same breath the prime minister also highlighted India’s traditions and beliefs that support the exchange of view to avert conflicts. With dialogue reckoned as the most effective tool in peacebuilding, the prime minister’s message should be clear and easy to interpret for those leaders, parties, groups and doctrines that back up the hawkish policy of New Delhi instead of truce. Several meaningful inferences could be drawn from what has been said by the PM. Beginning with the timeworn foreign policy expression – Look East – which has in practice received lesser attention lately, there is clearly an emphasis on Asia and on the sense of belonging with traditions being invoked to indicate the similitude. If the opinion and views of the irresponsible media are to be believed then India is apparently on the brink of major conflict with its Asian neighbors. This is exactly the opposite of what Modi said on Saturday. After Modi’s recent visits to the US and Israel and the growing bonhomie, some analysts have argued that India has been pursuing “Look West” options as it finds sidelined in the ambitious Belt and Road initiative that involves two of its immediate Asian neighbors – Pakistan and China. The equation with Pakistan also deteriorated after the 2016 Uri attack. Since then different political leaders and groups have been raving on isolating countries, severing all ties and even backing up an offensive. The equation with China has also been hit with the border standoff being blown out of proportion by the media. What could have been resolved with talks and dialogue without much of a show has been projected as bringing India and China closer to a full scale military action. Pakistan is also in a transit phase with the ousted prime minister Nawaz Sharif being replaced by Shahid Khaqan Abbasi. The timing of what prime minister Modi has said is all important as it can have a direct bearing on political stability of South Asia. It is also of import to the people and leaders of J&K who have supported the dialogue process to resolve conflicts in general and that of resolving Kashmir conflict in particular. Whether it is peaceful talks or talks on peace, they are always welcomed in J&K, a state that also takes pride in similar traditions.                              


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