City’s death traps

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City’s death traps

A 70-year-old man from Natipora died on Friday after slipping into an uncovered manhole in Srinagar city. Witnesses said that the manhole was not visible due to water logging. Srinagar Municipal Corporation has been constructing a drain in the area. However, as per witnesses there has been no signboard or marking on the road that could warn pedestrians or motorists. Also, the Friday’s incident is not the only mishap to occur on this road. The residents said that more accidents had occurred at the same spot in days before the Friday incident. Uncovered manholes have become a thorn in the flesh in the city as authorities continue to ignore the threats they pose. Areas in the city where uncovered manholes have miffed the people include Lal Chowk, Residency Road, Habba Kadal, Batamaloo, Jehangir Chowk, Sekidafar Chowk, Khanyar, Elahibagh and Hazratbal. With the manholes in these localities turning into death traps, the municipal corporation has invited flak, forcing the officials to assure the people that all drains and manholes will be properly covered. But with the problem recurring in the city, authorities need to do more than the lip service. There is still mystery surrounding the disappearance of manhole covers in the city. Authorities have repeatedly said that the covers are being stolen. But some locals refute this claim and blame authorities for not providing the covers in the first place. While there are others who have alleged that manhole covers are shifted from one locality to another. Even if the covers are stolen, authorities must come up with measures to prevent this practice. With the help of local police the culprits can be nabbed, provided they are stolen. It is important because lives can be saved and road accidents can be prevented. When the roads are covered with water, which is more likely to happen in wet rainy season in coming months, it is impossible to tell what lies beneath the water. Further, poor street lighting and missing sign boards and road markings make it even more difficult to see these death traps. SMC Commissioner must take a round of the city and inspect the areas and immediately pass directions regarding the same. Construction sites must have signboards or marking that can forewarn the people who in turn can take precautions against road mishaps. Governor administration must rap on the knuckles of those officials who take such negligence for granted and believe that it will not draw any attention.             




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