Chemistry paper

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Chemistry paper

Dear Editor,

The Chemistry question paper of 12th class annual examination had some questions at par with JE mains and they did not fall in the prescribed syllabus. Students are being put to stress unnecessarily. The pattern was changed without informing the students during the academic session. We do not understand what JK BOSE and the paper setter want to prove by such acts. The JK BOSE is deliberately ruining the career of the students. At most of the centers concerned invigilators instead of encouraging the students did not allow students to put forth their grievances about the pattern of question paper. Some students at a prominent boys’ school located in Srinagar were all fire about the behavior of the staff on exam. Chairman JK BOSE and the DSEK should intervene and find the motive behind the setting of Chemistry paper in such way. In case the JK BOSE wants to ruin the career of students then we will be left with no alternative but to approach higher authorities. This is the same BOSE which declared many students as having failed in class 10 and 12 examinations in the past who after rechecking were declared pass. This is how BOSE is ruining the career of students for reasons best known to it. We hope an inquiry of the incident is undertaken by concerned authority.


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