CCTVs and monitoring

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CCTVs and monitoring

SHRC’s demand of installing CCTVs in all police stations in the state was welcomed by the police, which as it appears is on the same page as that of human rights commission on bringing transparency in the policing. Senior police official while reacting to the demand put up by SHRC admitted that there were allegations leveled against the police on issues like torture in custody and custodial killings, and said that the same can be refuted if police stations are wired and the footage is produced as evidence. Installation of CCTVs in police stations is a good step towards bringing transparency but the monitoring need not be restricted to state police only. Governments’ failure to fix accountability in the state administration continues to draw barrages of criticism. Despite the attempts made by different governments in the past there is not much headway made in curtailing graft cases. The biggest hurdle so far has been the frivolous approach of the government with more lip service being offered than any concrete step to foster transparency in different departments.  Three premier institutions – State Accountability Commission, State Information Commission and State Vigilance Organization – have been directed from time to time to ensure transparency and help in good governance but they too have had a reverse impact and insignificant gains over the years. Often we hear people complaining, people who are forced to run from pillar to post for small official approval. Public services institutions are neck deep in corruption with files staying put unless favors are showered upon the officials. CCTVs in government offices can be the anodyne that people need to alleviate their pains while going through the known ordeals. It seems pragmatic as installation of few CCTVs in government offices together with the monitoring cannot exceed the cost of few computers that are already in place in different departments. Monitoring of government officials can be useful in bringing down the graft cases in the state. Therefore besides police, all government offices where public service is priority than secrecy there should be CCTVs and proper monitoring to ensure transparency. Like the state police, the administration must welcome any such move that helps in good governance. The department heads must work on feasibility reports and forward them to the executive for sanction. Human rights definitely take precedence over other issues but there is a need to work on the overall transparency in the state, be that in governance or policing.             



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