Broken promises

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Broken promises

In the last few years, one of the questions and government’s response shared in the state Assembly has been on the illegal occupation of land and government buildings by armed forces. Kanals of land illegally occupied by armed forces in the state were put in six figures. In March 2015, PDP legislator Abdul Rehman Veeri said that armed forces were illegally occupying 170696 kanals of state land. As per one report published then Army was occupying 210 government buildings and 434 private buildings. Three years later former chief minister Mehbooba Mufti informed the State Legislative Assembly that over 21,400 hectares of land was under illegal occupation of the forces in which more than 18,000 hectares were illegally occupied in Kashmir and Ladakh regions. From kanals to hectares, it doesn’t make the occupied state land any lesser than it actually is, but the primary concern has been what the government did to reclaim that land. Forget the state land, Waqf has a possession of 90653 kanals of land of which 6000 kanals were said to be illegally occupied. The government before revealing it had denied any illegal occupation of Waqf land back in 2016. So what has been the point of sharing details about occupation of state land, denying and then admitting when governments have not even tried to get the land and properties back? The way politicians and political parties have been misleading people for decades now indicates that nothing will ever change as long as they remain in power. False promises and delusive manifestoes have dented the images of mainstream political parties of the state. In opposition they have been raising concerns and in power they have been hiding behind the curtains denying all that has been evident. As two regional mainstream parties battle to stay relevant, their politics has become the greatest stumbling block. It is because of their shattered credibility in the state a more dangerous form of politics has made inroads in the state. Unfortunately, the state seems to be caught in a cycle of bad political regimes with one of the parties taking the drive wheel while the other remains in opposition till the term is over. The mainstream must introspect and admit its failures in Kashmir. People didn’t ask NC regime or PDP regime the figures. They were shared by the politicians, representatives on their own and may be for some reason. What could that reason be – that’s what people want to know. 




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