Book contains a collection of Tankas

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ISBN: 978-93-83755-36-3

PP: 148



Book contains a collection of Tankas

Badee Uz Zaman

The world runs according to a basic scheme and every kind of individual, in his own capacity, plays a role assigned to him by the supreme creator. It is the outcome of this collective conscious commitment that the lorry of life never runs out of fuel and the world never comes to a standstill.

In this indiscernible voyage of life, poets have undeniably played the greatest roles ever, in all walks of human life.

Allama Iqbal once said, “Nations are born at the hands of poets…” which testifies the essence of poets in a particular society craving for evolutionary advancement.

Plato’s ideal state could never be transformed to real and one of the reasons for this is his banishment of poets from it.

There are different kinds of poets and equally are the genres of poetry. But then there are poets whose verses aren’t just inspired by the pangs of unrequited love or the gushing streams of poverty or absolute negligence by fellow beings but they have this capacity to write on almost everything and that too with insightful success.

After reading Wani Nazir’s “… And The Silence Whispered”, I can unambiguously tell you that Nazir figures among those great poets who have deliberated on varied topics and aspects of life.

The title of this book: “… And The Silence Whispered” is as apt as it could be; at more than many places one finds the poet exchanging pleasantries with the silences and emptiness of life as if talking to the soul of the world like Santiago of the Alchemist.

Take for example the poem ‘Odyssey To Enlightenment’:

… I summoned the moon but it waned,

I called the sun, in the fit of frenzy,

But it was scuttled beyond the horizon

By the rotation of earth round its hub…

“Writing a poem is discovering”, says Robert Frost. In this book of Wani, such kind of discoveries happen after almost every two or three pages. Take for example the poem ‘Transformation’, the poet expresses the odyssey of his imaginations like this:

In a fit of some inexplicable torpor,

I walked barefoot in the sands of my imagination;

Who could have followed me?...

… All the intricacies, complexities, vexations

Transmogrified into an entity

Indispensable to the cosmic order.

 The poet further spares no expense to summon his own power of memory and offer the reader a bamboozling collection of his own memories and reminiscences in a very skillful manner, and the reader gets totally lost in the turbulent sea of mystery.

These memories have been immortalized in a series of eight poems under the title Memories.

The book is special for another reason too, it contains a decent collection of Tankas - an old Japanese poetic form which testify the poet’s sapience over the technical and rhythmic writing.

 To conclude, one gets stands absolutely dumbfounded to see a poetic collection which encompasses such diversity of thoughts and formats of writing.

For any lover of art and poetry in general and particular “… And The Silence Whispered” is a must read. 



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