Baramulla Hospital despite being well-equipped fails to cater to patient influx

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MS accepts shortage of doctors affecting healthcare, says more staff being posted

Baramulla Hospital despite being well-equipped fails to cater to patient influx

Noor ul Haq


 District Hospital (DH) Baramulla which caters to the healthcare needs of above 10 lakh population, is facing shortage of doctors including gynecologists from the past many months, severely crippling the healthcare sector in the region.
For its strategic location, this multi special hospital caters to the medical needs of Baramulla, Sopore, Uri, Tangmarg, Kreeri, Pattan and even Handwara and Narbal areas of North Kashmir.
A senior doctor at District Hospital Baramulla said that instead of visiting Srinagar hospitals, patients visit Baramulla hospital which increases the flow of patients in the hospital. He said that in view of huge influx of patients the hospital is in need of more doctors but from the past many months, DH Baramulla is without specialist doctors.
Last week, a video clip went viral on social media in which a youth used abusive language against officials and doctors of the hospital after his patient was allegedly denied treatment in the hospital. The video led to protests by doctors annoyed by the abusive language.
A senior doctor at DH Baramulla wishing anonymity said that the maternity department of the hospital faced the most severe problems as it had only three doctors available in place of nine.
“More than 150 patients visit the department every day but due to shortage of gynecologists we refer some patients to Srinagar hospitals as only three surgeons cannot manage several operations in a day. The doctors operate the patients tirelessly but in return we receive abuses,” he said.

He said that last week a well known gynecologist at the hospital performed seven operations in a single day but that can't happen on every other day.
“It is tough task to deal with patients (in labor) and their attendants without proper arrangement. The government should provide more doctors and paramedical staff,” he said.
Medical Superintendent (MS) Dr Syed Masood confirmed that there were only three gynecologists posted at the hospital against a requirement of nine.
However he said that the Health department has provided three more gynecologists to the hospital which will streamline the healthcare at the hospital.
While thanking Director Health Services, Dr Masood said that Dr Rakshinda earlier posted in the Sub District Hospital Sopore has been transferred to Baramulla Hospital.

“People have expectations with DH Baramulla but they must understand that no hospital can provide 100 percent healthcare facilities. We are trying our level best. We have state of the art equipments and facilities here at Baramulla but dearth of staff sometimes makes it difficult for us to deal with huge flow of patients. We have a par excellence Dialysis Unit and other medical units here at the hospital where we provide free services to the patients but expecting 100 percent from doctors isn’t possible anywhere in the world,” he said.
Commenting on the issue of referrals to city hospitals, Dr Masood said that 80% of the referrals have been stopped at Baramulla hospital.
“We don’t want patients to suffer in city hospitals. Despite shortage of doctors, about 80 percent referrals have been stopped at Baramulla hospitals. In rare cases, we refer patients to city hospitals and for that we need support of attendants also. Those having grievances with the authorities can come and meet me at my office instead of indulging in destruction and abuses. There are black sheep in every department but we need to focus on positives,” Dr Masood said.


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