Bakery outlets violate norms, cheat customers in Srinagar

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Mir Baseerat


Despite repeated legal notices by the office of the Deputy Controller Legal Metrology, bakers in summer capital have been violating the norms.
Director, Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs Kashmir had issued the legal notice to many of the Bakery Shops on 24-02-2018.
The rate list of bakery and sweet products was issued after consulting all the stake holders vide order No: 100-DCFCS&CAK.
Almost Four months have passed from the issue of the legal notices now but the bakery shops are still not following the notice issued.
As per the official documents, the list fixes the rates of bakery items ranging from milk and bread to special croissant.
Various kinds of pastries have been priced from Rs 40 per 80 grams to Rs 80 per 900 grams.
While as the price of different cakes, the rates have been fixed Rs 60 per 250 grams to 90 per 250 grams.
Similarly, the pizza prices vary from Rs 200-300 (each having 20 centimeter radius).
The rate for chocolate cake has been fixed Rs 70 for 250 grams.
Complaints are pouring in from all the quarters that no one is following the rates fixed by the authorities and rather they are charging exorbitantly for the bakery items.
Despite this issuance, Bakery shops like Ahdoos, Mughal darbar, Hattrick, Modern and many others are selling their bakery items at very high rates which in one way or the other are troubling the consumers.
At Ahdoos, the rate list reads : 400 gms Biscuits fro Rs 280/- , Rs 650 /-per 1kg of Biscuits , 1 small cake for Rs 175/- , 1 medium cake for Rs 180/- , 1 large cake for Rs 190/- (Chocolate).
Modern Bakery is selling 1 kg of Biscuits for Rs 360/- and 1 piece of Coconut for Rs 25/- .
Similarly, many other bakery shops share the same rate list which is not in any way justifying the rate list issued by the Office of the Deputy Controller Legal Metrology.
The rates in all the other bakery shops lie between Rs 300-350/- per 1 kg of biscuits and the rates of cakes between Rs 120-200/-.
The customers are aghast over the rates of bakery items in the market.
They complain that the department is not taking any action and are letting the shopkeepers loot the customers.
However, Director FSC & CA, Nisar Ahmad Wani said that they have already issued legal notices to all the bakery shops and legal action should be taken against all the bakery shops who are not obeying the orders.
He added that they already have talked about the high rates issue with the bakery shops and some of them have claimed that their items are better in quality as well as in quantity to which they were asked to submit their rate lists but they haven’t submitted that list till now.
“After legal notices, we will take the issue to consumer court and they have to face the feasible legal action,” said Wani.


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