Article 370

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Article 370

Dear Editor,

This is regarding the abrogation of Article 370 that has been on the agenda of Hindu right-wing party, BJP. In India, outside J&K, the party has promised its voters and supporters that when it will come to power it will abrogate the article and therefore the special status of the state. PDP that entered into an alliance with BJP knew that still its leaders took the risk of joining hands with the anti-state party. BJP has been raising false and empty nationalistic agenda to suit its interests which is to stay in power forever. For that they have made the special status of J&K an issue long back. These are the same people who defeated Congress by making people in India believe that Congress was pro Muslim as it favored J&K state and Muslim community elsewhere. They portrayed that Congress was less concerned about Hindus and more concerned about the welfare of Muslims. On these communal lines they have been winning confidence of a vast section of Hindus and won elections. But J&K is an internationally recognized disputed state and BJP is a very small player to make any change to that dispute. What is interesting though is that they are forcing their own upholders to give up on them and join the secessionism. It was an unholy alliance from the beginning as a party whose fountainhead breeds on Muslim hatred can never be conciliating in real manner. 

Bashir Ahmad Magray




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