Article 35 (A) ‘hurdle’ in development of JK, remove it: Shiv Sena

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Article 35 (A) ‘hurdle’ in development of JK, remove it: Shiv Sena

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Accusing the government of creating hurdles in revocation of Article 35 (A) of Indian Constitution, Shiv Sena on Thursday held a protest here demanding immediate abrogation of this “anti-development” provision.
Reportedly, the protest demonstration was led by Shiv Sena state president, Dimpy Kohli and was attended by scores of Shiv Sena leaders and activists.
While addressing the protestors later on, Dimpy Kohli along with criticized the provision, claiming that it “encourages alienation, deepens the concept of a separate identity and creates a political gap between the state and the rest of India”.
He said that Kashmiri leadership was “creating hurdles” in revoking of this article and “BJP is hand in glove with PDP only to remain in power in state”.
“Both the PDP and BJP are power hungry and are sitting together in the government only to be in power.”
He said all the Kashmiri parties are now united against revocation of Article 35A and “are pressurizing BJP”.
“When in opposition, BJP calls for revocation of Article 370 and its branches and now when the BJP is in power in center as well as in state, it is singing a different tune and befooling people,” he alleged.
He said his party is for revocation of Article 35 (A) as soon as possible “so that no gap remains in JK and rest of India”.
Those who took part in the protest demonstration were Ramesh Gupta, Radhe Radhe, Sanjeev Sharma and others, a spokesman said.
The issue of Article 35-A, a constitutional provision that provides special privileges to citizens of Jammu and Kashmir and for abrogating which the Supreme Court is presently hearing a petition.
The petition calling for abrogation of Article 35-A had been filed in the apex court by a little-known RSS-backed think-tank ‘Jammu Kashmir Study Centre’.
Article 35-A was extended to J&K through the ‘Constitution (Application to Jammu and Kashmir) Order issued by President Rajendra Prasad on May 14, 1954.
It was devised to grant protection to state subject laws that had already been defined under the Maharaja’s rule and notified in 1927 and 1932.




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