Ang district tops unemployment list; thousands apply for 320 teacher posts

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Ang district tops unemployment list; thousands apply for 320 teacher posts

Shafat Mir


Among 8, 700 posts of teachers advertised in the State, around 320 such posts have been kept for Anantnag district.

During the ongoing winter session of Jammu and Kashmir’s Legislative Assembly, the ministry of labor and employment in its reply to BJP legislator, Sat Paul Sharma over the number and education qualifications of the youth in the state who have no jobs, stated that the total figures of the youth without jobs is 88,040 at present in the entire State.

Amongst them, 185 are doctors, 3321 are the engineers, 11 have PhD degrees, 17351 are the post graduates, 6,586 are graduates while as 60,586 fall in other category.
Out of these registered unemployed youth, some 6,415 youth belong to Anantnag district, which tops in the unemployment in the State.

With thousands of registered and unregistered educated youth, the government has kept only 320 teacher posts for the district which include 192 general teachers, 96 science/math teachers and rest of the 32 posts have been kept for Urdu subject.

Thousands of aspirants, who have been making a bee line outside the data entry shops are however unhappy with the less number of posts created by the government for the district.

“This is a joke with the youth who have been already rendered useless despite good qualifications. 320 for thousands of youth is too small a number. The ones who will get selected will be with political affiliations and surely most of those will be blue eyed. It is an utter wastage of money to apply for these 320 posts,” says an aspirant.

A data entry owner says he caters with hundreds of applicants every day ever since the posts were advertised.
“On daily basis, I receive some 400 applicants on an average leading to the long queues outside my shop. Whether these people get a job or not but this has surely turned out a golden goose for us as we are doing a brisk business,” says a private Data Entry operator, who runs a documentation shop outside DC office Anantnag.
The applicants are mostly girls, he adds.
Meanwhile, several aspirants who have applied for the posts under the Rehbar-e-Khel, complained that the mode of selection has been kept under pro-rata basis.
Under Pro-rata basis, 60 points have been kept for B P Ed degree and five points for each higher degree. The candidates say that those who have obtained B P Ed and other higher degrees from the institutions based outside the state have got a higher percentage, while as the candidates who have obtained the same degrees from Kashmir University have got less percentage.
This would severely affect the aspirants who have done their degrees from the Kashmir University.
“We appeal the authorities to change the pro-rata basis criteria to qualification basis. None of us will be able to secure a job under Rehbar-e-Khel scheme if the authorities go by the pro-rata basis as the mode of selection of the candidates. It is a sheer injustice to KU candidates as their chances of qualifying the said post are less,” said a group of youth.
“The selection should be made fair and transparent by conducting screening test and we appeal the Sports Minister Imran Raza Ansari to look into the matter so that justice is done with the aspirants of KU. Our future is in jeopardy and our degrees will be rendered of no use”, they added.


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