Anantnag town observes shutdown against alleged police excesses

Published at October 08, 2017 01:04 AM 0Comment(s)5106views

Shafat Mir


 A complete shutdown was observed in Anantnag main town on the call of United Traders Association Anantnag against allegedhighhandedness of police with several shopkeepers after Friday clashes.
All the shops and other business establishments remained shut in Anantnag main town entire day on Saturday against the manhandling, arrests of few shopkeepers and their salesmen by the police led by SHO Anantnag.
Traffic was also thin on roads.
Heads of several Traders Associations from Anantnag and other members held a peaceful-sit in outside DC office Anantanagdemanding the transfer of SHO Anantnag. They alleged that some shopkeepers were “mercilessly” beaten by police while their merchandisewas damaged and tear gas shells were lobbed inside their shops during the clashes that erupted in the town, post Friday prayers, yesterday.
“The shutdown will continue indefinitely until the SHO Sadder Police Station Anantnag is transferred from Anantnag for his unruly behavior. The administration has failed in safeguarding the rights of shopkeepers,” said chief spokesperson of United Trade Associations.
Meanwhile, mild clashes erupted in Reshi Bazar area of Anantnag main town on Saturday morning during the shutdown. Youth pelted stones on police deployments which was responded with tear gas shelling by the police. Few aerial shots were also fired by the police to disperse the stone throwing youth.


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