Aadhaar mandatory

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Aadhaar mandatory

Dear Editor

The statement from the Hon'ble Minister for Food, Civil Supplies and Consumers Affairs Jammu and Kashmir state to the affect that the state government is mulling to make ( FCS&CA ) beneficiaries Aadhaar registration mandatory from next month to ensure that only deserving people receive various government benefits is indeed a positive/productive step. Those in possession of Aadhaar cards have nothing to worry but those who are still clamouring to get Aadhaar enrollments are quite disgusted even find themselves in troubled waters as to whether they would manage requisite cards prior to the deadline. In Shah Faisalabad Batamaloo Srinagar, a team visited two years ago and collected on spot the detailed inputs required for the preparation of Aadhaar cards. After finishing up days task, the team assured the inhabitants of our locality that the Aadhaar cards shall be dropped at our doorsteps within a month or two. Irony is that as on date nothing positive has come out thus putting the inhabitants in total gloominess. The Srinagar Muncipal Corporation (SMC) has restarted its long pending operation at some designated spots in Srinagar city and other belts of Kashmir region to cover left out population with the Aadhaar card facilities. Taking advantage of the drive carried afresh by the Srinagar Municipal Corporation, I in person rushed to one of the designated spot at Toto ground Batamaloo for Aadhaar registration. Astoundingly inspite of accepting the filled up prescribed, the workers on job simply gave me a date of February, 2018 to visit again for the purpose with requisite documents. Is it possible for me to get Aadhaar cards prior to the deadline fixed by the Food and Civil Supplies and Consumers department to avail the benefits? What I humbly suggest, the official teams assigned the job to cover the left out population with the Aadhaar enrollments need to be deployed in the interiors of different localities to execute the job in a record time.

Fayaz Ahmed Khan



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