Responsible government

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Dear Editor, Ministers and administrators are said to listen and look into the issues of public concern. After receiving ministerial berth it does not bring power only but the responsibility also. After decades we have seen ministers responsive and keenly interested to "look and listen" to the issues of public concern. We are horrified to recall September floods of 2015 and the way we the residents of Pattan were left to the mercy of Allah by the administration then. Nature once again is testing us but one can find a change this time around with the administration proactive and with a positive approach to deal with any eventuality. People are very optimistic and have great hopes from the present government in this constituency of ours. We hope that this time we are going to experience a new era of peace, progress and prosperity. We would like to present a vote of thanks and a word of appreciation to the government for being on its toes to ensure the welfare and development of the people. Hope this enthusiasm of the state government lasts long! Kifayat Hussainee

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