Who really needs to do the explaining?

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Kamal Morarka

Who really needs to do the explaining?

There are two probabilities for Narendra Modi in 2019: either he will retain the power or lose elections and his prime ministership. Here are some important points in both the probabilities. If the system endures and keeps itself intact, then it doesn’t matter as to who will be the prime minister and who won’t. In India, as of now, new polices have indeed been introduced but the system remained intact.  For the post-Emergency elections in 1977 when Indira Gandhi got defeated, doubts were cast whether she would relinquish power or cling to the chair, but those doubts were put to rest once Morarji Bhai Desai became prime minister. He remained in the office for two and half years before Charan Singh replaced him, and later on Indira Gandhi returned to the power: the cycle continued. But, why this question is being raised now?

This is because some of Modi government’s decisions are not good for the system. Just a few days ago Modiji gave a speech, saying emergency turned 43 years old. During the Emergency Devkant Barua was Congress president. He issued an extremely ludicrous statement, saying “the distinction between party and government has been blurred, and form now onwards Indira is India and India is Indira.” It was a bizarre statement. However, there is no Emergency in India now yet BJP President Amit Shah claimed that “the new Chief Justice will be the one who will be recommended by the current Chief Justice Deepak Misra.” What on earth Amit Shah has got to do with appointing Chief Justice? This is called emergency mindset. He thinks that there is no distinction between Modi and him, and his utterances are gospel truth. He has no idea that by saying this he is undermining the dignity of the post. He should instead concentrate on his party and ticket distribution in elections. His own record is not so bright. He has been appointed party president out of consideration of Modi, and he should at least maintain the dignity of the chair he sits on. No BJP president, be it Atal, Advani, Murli Manohar Joshi, or Venkaiah Naidu, had ever made such statement.

It shows that even today Emergency mindset persists. Indira Gandhi had openly declared Emergency, but what we are seeing today is more dangerous than that, because people's minds are fed by such thoughts as anything can be done. Talks are already rife that Deepak Mishra will not recommend Justice Gogoi to become chief justice, because justice Gogoi was one of the four judges who came out in public against justice Misra. Anyway, rule must be followed as it should be in a democracy. One cannot change everything overnight; change is a gradual process. The government should accelerate the change but within limits. When Modi took over, 97 percent of six lakh Indian villages had had electricity. Modi said that he will electrify remaining 19 thousand villages during his tenure. But to say that in 70 years the successive Congress could not take electricity to the villages is ludicrous talk.

BJP Spokesman Sambit Patra is more of a jester than a spokesman. He said that Income Tax has sent a Rs 24 crore notice to Robert Vadra and Rahul Gandhi should explain this. Why should Rahul Gandhi explain the income of Robert Vadra? Is Patra a Congress agent working to defeat BJP? Furthermore, Rahul Gandhi should say that income Tax Department has sent a notice to my brother-in-law, he will explain it; it has nothing to do with me. Thousands of Income Tax notices are pending in the country. A scam related to Amit Shah's son came light of which has not yet been cleared by Amit Shah.

Another issue at hand is a letter written by Rajeshwar Singh (Joint Director, Enforcement Directorate). Rajeshwar Singh wrote a letter to the Director of ED, Karnal Singh, which he forwarded to Revenue Secretary Hasmukh Adhiya. The content of the letter was embarrassing. Rajeshwar Singh has written: “When I was investigating Chidambaram’s case, I was given a hard time by the touts. I thought I’ll not face such people in current government, but that is not to be.” This gives rise to many questions. First, the enforcement officer should remain within his limits. Touts and middlemen are everywhere. If he is upright, what influence does a tout or middlemen have on him? They meddle only with those officers from whom they expect a positive response. I too was a minister for some time in the central government. No one dared to call me or come to me to do anything wrong. There is indeed something fishy about this allegation. He must have something against Chidambaram, and now it seems that he is unable to act arbitrarily. Nonetheless, the matter now is with the Supreme Court, which has ordered to investigate the matter.

The question here is whether the government recognizes its power or not. If the officer is wrong, he should be suspended or transferred, but this didn’t happen. Maybe this is because finance minster does not appear in the hierarchy between the prime minister and the finance secretary. Hasmukh Adhiya, a favorite of Modi, is a Gujarat cadre officer. Modi wanted to appoint him as Cabinet Secretary. But just after becoming Revenue Secretary he called a meeting of Income Tax officers. Income tax officials, however, objected to that, saying only their Chairman can talk with them. He has to withdraw his call. Furthermore, recently it came to the fore that Neerav Modi had gifted some gold to Adhiya. For which he claimed that he has deposited it in the government treasury. By now he fell out of favour with Modi. His elevation to the post of Cabinet Secretary was put on hold. Now, the current Cabinet Secretary has got a one-year extension. Governments do not run in childish manner. The government is mocking the system by taking everything to the Supreme Court. What kind of government is this that to deal with an officer, it has to go to the Supreme Court! If the officer is wrong dismiss him or transfer him.

Whichever party will form the government in 2019, the country with its problems and their solutions will remain the same. Therefore, it is important to save the system. If Rajeshwar Singh can speak against Finance Secretary or Sambit Patra can demand Rahul Gandhi to explain the accounts of Robert Vadra, just think where we are heading. All this must be stopped. Now the government is going to scrap the University Grants Commission. It's an autonomous body that allocates funds to the universities in the country. Now it is being proposed to replace it by a new body. It is also proposed that from now on the Ministry of Human Resource Development will allocate funds to the universities. Why? What will be the benefit of this exercise? You are doing so because you think that you will come back to power. But the authority you are delegating to the ministry will be used by other governments as well. If you are bent on doing away with the UGC, then you should constitute an Education Committee, which should deliberate on the success and failure of the UGC, and recommend what needs to be done.

Arun Shourie called Modi government, a government of Ilham (revelation). In the morning they got an Ilham and announced demonetization. The country cannot run with such childish gimmick. Out of the total 7 billion world population, 1.25 billion people reside in India. India is not a Mauritius or a Singapore. India’s history goes back to thousands of years which cannot be altered by any government. For 92 years, RSS has been working hard to unite Hindus. Still they are not able to bring more than 18 percent of Hindus to their fold. A total of 82 percent of Hindus are against them. India is so strong that in its six lakh villages, Hindus and Muslims live side-by-side in complete harmony. Had they held sway over the people of India, there would have been riots in every village. After every 50 kilometers in India language changes, dress changes, food changes. And this is its beauty. Why do you want to eliminate the beauty of this India? What will be the benefit of getting it blunt?


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