The ball is in Iran’s court

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The ball is in Iran’s court

Donald Trump’s decision to scrap the Iran nuclear deal, which the US and other European countries along with China and Russia had been able to sign after years of hard work and negotiations, has surprised no one in the world. As among other things it was Trump’s major election plank. His other election promises were recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, scrapping the one-sided trade deals, doing away with Obama care, building of Mexican wall, lowering of corporate taxes and scraping of all environmental laws. He had even called global warming a myth. He wanted to discard NAFTA and pull out from the Paris deal, and that is what he has done despite the tremendous opposition to his way and conduct within and outside his country as the president of the United States.
One by one he is trying to fulfill all his electoral promises and has been met with some success in this regard. His popularity rank within the country has gone up and slowly and sturdily he is paving way for grabbing of the republican candidature and the US presidency for the second consecutive term.
As far as Iran is concerned, it would be unwise for it to respond to this rhetoric in a post-haste manner and threaten the world bodies to restart uranium enrichment or any other such programme in violation to the settled UN resolutions. Particularly in view of the fact that almost all the European countries and the UN have for now decided to stick to the deal and not to go with the US on this one. They have unequivocally expressed their satisfaction over the working of the said deal and have said that they have virtually no complaints against Iran that it was doing anything contrary to the deal that has been put in place by the international community as a whole. It stands verified by the UN appointed international nuclear inspectors and certified by almost all the US intelligence agencies also that Iran is complying with all the terms and conditions of the said deal.
The root of the new confrontation is Israel and some other American allies in the region who have always blamed former president Barack Obama for being soft while dealing with Iran. It is this international lobby that has all along been complaining about it. They have openly supported Trump’s decision to scrap the Iranian nuclear deal and are seeking to replace it by a more comprehensive one so as to leave no room open for Iran to become a nuclear state ever.
The US president Donald Trump on his part has also been maintaining that the deal is deficient in many ways and may have stopped Iran from becoming a nuclear power in the near future but there was nothing in the deal to stop it altogether from becoming a nuclear state in the long run. Apart from this the US considers Iran as the biggest destabilizing factor in the Middle East and a threat to its immediate allies in the region, particularly Israel and Saudi Arabia.
The US therefore has been pushing Iran to sign a new comprehensive nuclear deal with the US which would throw open all its military installation to international inspections, put an end to ballistic missile programme development and desist it from playing any destructive role in the region. There is a perception gaining ground in the US that Iran is increasingly spreading it sphere of influence in the region particularly in Yemen, Iraq, Qatar, Palestine, Lebanon and Syria.
Iran on the other hand considers all this a direct challenge to its national pride and sovereignty. French president Macron and other European countries like the UK and Germany – all batted for Trump honoring the deal and to persuade Iran to incorporate further such terms as may be necessary but not to do away with it at any cost.
Trump has been hell bent to go ahead with his plan primarily because he does not want to disappoint his voters and to prove that the electoral promises he made to the America people during the election campaign he stands by them.
Iran however needs to think a hundred times before deciding to do away with the deal and announce that it wants to restart Uranium enrichment programme. Any such attempt will leave no option for the European community and its other supporters to side with the US and slam fresh sanctions on it. It may also lead to a devastating military confrontation in the region.

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