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May 22, 2019
16 رمضان 1440


The case for Kashmir: Lost Generati...

My memory compels me to recollect a concept during my Research on a re ...

May 22 | Mohd Ishaq Shah

Fasting and Socio-religious Perspec...

Islam aims to transform whole life of mankind into a life of worship. ...

May 22 | Reyaz Ahmad Mir

On World Biodiversity Day

Allah (SWT) has created everything (living and non-living) on earth wi ...

May 22 | Dr. Khurshid Tariq

Life beyond the Halo of Marks and G...

The results of X and XII classes of CBSE and most of the state boards ...

May 21 | Shreeprakash Sharma



On charity

It is saddening to see people wandering on roads, ...

May 21 | Dear editor

On toll tax

This is regarding the toll tax that National Highw ...

May 20 | Dear Editor,

An open letter to Mr. M Y Tarigami

Bas naam hi kafihai, is what comes to our minds wh ...

May 19 |

Eighth World Wonder

Recently, the government inaugurated and threw ope ...

May 16 | Dear Editor,


Book Review



Fallen Chinar: I refuse to sink



Mashood Rather









Liper Publications (Srinagar)



A wonderful collection by a young poet


Ravinder Raina, President of the state unit of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), in an interview to Rising Kashmir’s Yawar Hussain talks about polity and party’s stand on important political concerns in the state. Excerpts Q: Mission 44 was your sloga ...


Advisor Skandan inspects J&K Industries Limited’s business units

May 22 | Rising Kashmir News

Advisor to Governor K Skandan today visited Silk Factory Rajbagh, Bemina Woollen Mills and Kashmir Silk Filatures Solina to take stock of wo ...



2 JK Policemen scaled Mount Everest

May 22 | Rising Kashmir News

Two Police personnel of Jammu and Kashmir Police SgCt Nazir Ahmed and SgCt Falil Singh which were part of the 11 member All India Police Spo ...


'650 kg of poppy recovered in Ramban'
May 22 | Press Trust of India
'On World Biodiversity Day'
May 22 | Dr. Khurshid Tariq
'Life beyond the Halo of Marks and Grades'
May 21 | Shreeprakash Sharma
'Social Exclusion and Inclusion in India'
May 21 | Tanveer Ahmad Khan | Ahmad Ahanger
'Who will Judge the Judges?'
May 20 | Mashooq Yousuf Malik


May 21 | Dear editor
On charity
'On toll tax'
May 20 | Dear Editor,
'Eighth World Wonder'
May 16 | Dear Editor,
'Network connectivity'
May 15 | Dear Editor,
'Highway ban'
May 08 | Dear Editor,
'Road repair'
May 07 | Dear Editor,


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